genre: EDM, Deep House, Electro, Tech House -- warning: nudity, mature 18+

MODELS: we support glamour models from all over the world; management, development, and choreography. traditionally, glamour models are usually seen in erotic poses wearing swimsuit, lingerie, semi-nude (topless/thong) or full nude looks.

"Glamour modelling focuses solely on sexuality. Therefore, there are no requirements to be a glamour model other than the ability to pose nude. Glamour models can be any size or shape. There is no industry standard for glamour modelling and varies greatly by country.

"Glamour photography is a genre of photography whereby the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in a romantic or sexually alluring way. The subjects may be fully clothed, implied nude, semi-nude or full nude; this is not considered porn, and very normal for R-rated film production, like a simulated sex scene, or nude bathing scene."

"A glamour model is used to draw attention to something – a product, an idea, a mood, or a message.

MUSIC: talent with music skills -- from singing, rap, or producer -- we can help talent find right connections. we have access to several sound studios in Miami, London, and Los Angeles... we can support our talent with producers, featured artists, sound engineers, and PR to help launch new careers in the music industry. we have contacts with Universal Music, Sony, Def Jam, Interscope, and Arista.

EVENTS: Starlett TV has many years of experience in creating and managing "live" events; including fashion shows, concerts, MMA boxing, trade shows, festivals, and 'Rock-n-Jock' celebrity events. our consulting and managing services are now in demand, and we are very excited about the 2014/2015 schedule of events currently on our roster.

PRODUCTION: we have access to several production companies to support our video and editing needs; crews in Miami, Austin, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and in South America (Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil). We are skilled in HD production, and now experimenting in 3D and digital hologram technology.